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netRoid has been helping small businesses in technology area . Our specialty is in small businesses' wide office automation, Internet applications and VOIP telecommunications. We have advanced knowledge, and experience to help your business grow by cutting cost and efforts to maintain and support your information systems. Our remote Services is a cost effective option to maintain, advance and support your infrastructure. We can help with your servers, workstations, software applications and cloud migration efficiently. We are loyal to our clients and always find a way to improve system performance.

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Cloud and Network Services

Managing a office network for optimum performance and high reliability should not break your pocket. Using efficient methods and right tool we can provide a productive and a reliable system. Our deep understanding of communications protocol combined with knowledge of operating systems and applications software enable us to deliver the best of the network services. We also can help migration to cloud services such as Amazon, office 365, CRM and more..

Voice Over IP

With introductions of Voice Over IP , PBX are much more affordable than they use to be. With new VOIP Telephony, not only the phone system cost are minimal but also usage are less than what big carriers offers. With our phone services, there is no hardware installed in your office. You can connect to your system with any devices, such as mobile phone, tablets, computers or IP phones. We setup, maintain and support your PBX 24 hours a day. Enjoy the same features as the big company are enjoying now.

Web & Mobile Apps

Whether your needs are a simple presentation web site, eCommerce site, or a more sophisticated data base enabled web applications we can help! We design, implement and roll out, mobile friendly web sites for your business with affordable pricing. We also host your site in the most advanced data centers to insure your site is up and running one hundred percent of the time.


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